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Accordion Club

Accordion Club

The following pupils have an older brother or sister learning the accordion and so can share the accordion with them.  These pupils can begin this Monday 21st January 2019.

Tiernan Mc L

Niamh H

Eoghan H

Tanisha Mc C


The rest of the pupils who have applied will be divided into two group for the rest of term two and will come on alternate weeks. This will give everyone a chance to get a start on the accordion and then we will see how it develops.


Monday 21st January


Nathan Mc A

Liam O

Ronan C

Logan Mc C

Shea H

Annie R

Katy L


Monday 28th January


Mary Mc G

Abbie Mc N

Connie D

Cara Mc C

Aoibhinn D

Ruby J


At the beginning we will have to share accordions. Mr Boyd will explain more about this at the club.  Accordion club is from 3 - 4pm.  Parents can collect pupils at the front door and is three pounds per lesson.