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Accelerated Reading

We had a great afternoon of Sports for meeting our Accelerated Reading Targets.

We love our Accelerated Reading so much that we thought it was time for a little competition!!  We are now in teams within our P4 - P7 classes to see which team can read the most words by the December Assembly!!  Keep an eye on this page to see who wins!!  The photos of our teams are below!

We are very lucky in Creggan to have our Accelerated Reading system now up running for a few years.  This systems enables all our pupils to read at a level suitable to them and it tests them on their understanding of the books.  The children love going on-line to take quizzes and you will see below pictures of our library!!

We have a WORDOMETER which counts the amount of word we have read as a school!!  Look how many words we have read this year already!!


School year to date: 2nd November 2015



Words read: 



Well done to all our boys and girls in P4 - P7!!