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Guidance for Parents



Mathletics is an excellent online learning forum that caters specifically for the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  Pupils are able to access this either by downloading the Mathletics App and signing in or by using a computer and going to the Mathletics Website and signing in.  We are confident that using Mathletics will enable pupils to access all areas of the curriculum in Numeracy and they should use this as their main learning for Numeracy.


Each pupil has received their log in details by their class teacher.  As a back up to this resource we would encourage parents to use the booklets that are on the class pages.  Pupils can complete the worksheets and reinforce their knowledge in each area by using the online activities.  Some of the online activities e.g. Problem Solving will require the pupils to have a pencil and paper to work out the answers.  Pupils should be allowed to use a pen and paper where necessary.  Parents should also note that some of the work has not been covered in school yet and pupils will need help and explanations for certain areas as this was the content that was to be covered in Term 3.  Within each class there are different ability groups.  If the work is too hard for your child please use booklets from the previous year.


If a pupil has completed all the online activities for their year group you should email your class teacher who will move them on to the next years work.


Mathletics also has a 'Live' section.  Pupils can improve their Mental Maths Strategies through this and will also be able to play online with their class mates!

Myon Digital Reading System


As stated in a letter to parents last week we have invested in a new Digital Book Reading System which is part of our Accelerated Reading System.  This means that pupils will be able to read a wide range of digital books from home.  The system also reads books to pupils which will benefit pupils who maybe have any literacy difficulties.  Children should aim to read up to 25 minutes per day. 

Frys Most Common Sight Words


Parents can use these list of words to ensure that pupils can recognise these words and if they are able to recognise them then they will be able to learn how to spell them.  Please click on the document below to access the lists of words.



On each class page there are ten comprehension that have been uploaded.  Children should read through the comprehension then answer the multiple choice questions.  Parents can read through the text with the children and explain any vocabulary the children are unsure about.


All pupils should know what group they are in as in some classes there may be two or three different groups.  If parents are unsure what group their child is in please email the class teacher who will answer this query for you.  One or two comprehensions per week is enough for children to be completing at this stage.

Prim-Ed Homework Books in English and Maths (Primary 3-7)


Children can use their homework text books in English and Maths.  I also recommend that they can write into these text books now and work their way through one exercise in both English and Maths per day.  There are also Revision Tests at the back of the book.

Contacting Teachers


Teachers will be available each of the days they teach.  If you have any questions for class teachers the best way of communicating with them is via email.  They will then reply to you to help with any concerns or if needed will make a telephone call to your home / mobile.  Mr Boyd will welcome emails from all parents at any time.  Below are the email addresses for all our teachers.


Teacher Email Address
Michael Boyd
Catherine Mc Cann
Joan Martin
Christine O'Kane
Sarah Anne O'Neill
Teresa Mc Cann