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Key Stage II World Around Us

We had a wonderful trip to the Eel Fishery in Toome today to follow on with our topic of farming.  Cathy, Derek and their team made us feel so welcome and gave us a wonderful insight to the mysterious life of the eel!  What an amazing place right on our doorstep!!

As we continue learning about our topic 'Farming', Oliver kindly brought up two calves for us to see!  They were amazing and Oliver explained to us about his herd and it was really interesting!

For the last term Key Stage II Pupils are studying 'The Farm'.  We have been learning about different types of farming, farm safety and lots of other elements of the agricultural world.  We were very lucky to have Nadine and Enda Mc Lernon come in to talk to us about their Poultry Farm.  The were assisted by Tiernan!  It was very interesting and the pupils loved the presentation!  Thank you Nadine & Enda!

Mc Lernon Poultry Talk

In this term, Key Stage 2 pupils are learning about Fairtrade in World around Us.  We all discussed together what we know, what we want to know and how we are going to learn it!  The first part of our project led us to discovering about developed and undeveloped countries.  In the pictures below you will see the groups working hard researching about these countries.  Stay posted for pictures of our project which will follow later!!