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Mrs Martin & Mrs McCann

Today we celebrated Hallowe'en.

Everyone dressed up and we had so much fun in the classroom.

Can you recognise anyone in these pictures?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We had a relaxing time taking part in "Calm, Confident, Kids." It was difficult to balance but all the stretches and poses helped us to relax.

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Primary Seven are learning about Procedural Writing and Writing to Socialise this term.  We made beans on toast and recorded the steps involved. We enjoyed this fun activity very much.
Our class made beautiful Mother's Day cards. We didn't want to spoil the surprise so we kept these pictures until after Mother's Day. We hope all our mothers had a great Mother's Day and know that we appreciate everything they do for us.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
The P7s had a busy morning making St Brigid's crosses.  They made 71 crosses! Phew! Well done to everyone.
The P7 class walked to the Holy Cross beside Creggan pitch. Oliver O'Hara met us and told us about the history of the Cross.

Primary 7 were looking very scary today. Can you guess who they are?

Primary 7 were looking very scary today. Can you guess who they are? 1

Primary 7 are learning about the Workhouse during the time of the Famine. We tasted porridge which was what the inmates of the workhouse had to eat very often. The porridge we had was much nicer than the gruel they had to eat!


Can you tell by our faces if we liked it or not?

We are learning about the Great Famine in World Around Us.  We are studying the work of the artist Paul Henry.  He was born in Belfast and studied in Paris before returning to Ireland in 1910 to live and work in Achill Island.   Miss Johnston helped us to paint landscapes from the West of Ireland.
P7s had great fun playing Multiplication Bingo! It's a brilliant way to revise the Times Tables!