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Mrs O'Kane

We were playing camogie and hurling in P.E. today. We enjoyed learning new skills.

P.E day is a lot of fun!

We are making sets of three.

Data handling week in P.1 and 2.

Look at our new big P.2. children!!

We went outside to find out about jobs in the garden. We did some weeding and we put the weeds into the compost bin. We will dig, rake and sow seeds in spring.

We learned the story of St Patrick. Fr. Forsythe brought us a statue of St. Patrick as a boy. We made lovely cards.

Friday is P.E. day. We had lots of fun today learning to play camogie and hurling.

We did an experiment today. We wanted to learn all about ice. We found out that ice melts when it gets warm.

Snowmen pastel drawings.

We are expploring shape in our class. We are learning about 2D shapes and 3d shapes.

We learned how to keep warm in winter. Today we made hot chocolate. We wrote some instructions for making the hot chocolate. It was delicious.

We drew pumpkins for Halloween. We painted them with nice, warm Autumn colours. We learned about mixing colours. We made Halloween buns too!

We made a walking number line today. We counted backwards and forwards. We talked about the number before and after.

We are learning to match in P.1.

We are learning to sort in P.1.

Our first P.E. day was lots of fun. We were climbing, sliding and balancing today.

P.1. children made lots of new friends at assembly today. They were introduced to staff, other children, school council members and our new prefects for September.

We are learning to sort in P.1.

Welcome to our new P.1. children!

We had lots of fun today doing P.E. out in the sun!

We learned about food from different countries- Ireland, Mexico, Italy and France.We got to sample some delicious food and we learned all about the potato famine in Ireland.

We went for a spring walk. We saw lots of signs of spring. We heard the birds singing and we smelled the fresh grass. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day.

Today we sorted food into different food groups. We learned how food helps our bodies to grow and stay strong. Now we know why our healthy break is good for us.

In Lent we are trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

In Lent we are trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. 1

We learned about toys from the past. We learned how and why they were different from toys nowadays. We sorted old and new toys.

Our new topic is Toys. We brought in our favourite toys and talked about them.

We have been very busy this term learning all about farms and farming.We have written a super mystery story about a farm with Miss Mc Cann's class.

P.E. is lots of fun. We are climbing and balancing.

Meeting the new children at their very first assembly.

Structured play.

Welcome to the new P.1 children!