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P.1, P.2 & P.3 World Around Us

We enjoyed making pancakes today. We chose our favourite toppings. They were delicious!

We met our new friends from Creavery P.S. for Shared Education activities.

We had a lovely Teddy bear's picnic today. We had so much fun!

We learned how to recycle in the recycling bus today. We made plant pots from recycled paper and filled them with recycled compost. We planted cress seeds.

Today we had a look in the Eco garden. Our seeds have germinated. We transplanted our bean plant. Sarah was our photographer for today!

Our topic this term is " Castles". We went to Antrim castle gardens to find out all about castles.

The sun is shining and we get outdoors to plant some wild flowers into our tyres.

Now they are ready for us to take home. We are so excited!

Look how our beans are growing!

We are learning about spring now. We listened to the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We planted our own bean seeds. We can't wait until our beanstalks appear! We found out what a plant needs to live and grow.

Our new topic is The Jungle. We are learning all about the animals who live there. We found out about the different layers of the rainforest. We moved like animals in P.E.

Liam's mum is a radiographer. She came to tell us about her work. She brought some x-ray pictures. She can make people better with x-rays. She told us all about our bones.

Riagain's mum is a hairdresser. She helps people to look after their hair. She came to tell us how to care for our hair properly. She brought lots of gifts and did some hairstyles.

We learned all about the job of the policeman today. He helps to keep us safe. We were allowed to go in the police van. It was really exciting!

Danny's mum came to visit us. She is a skin doctor. She told us how to take good care of our skin. She let us do an operation to remove a mole.

Sarah and Conor's daddy came to see us today. He is a surgeon. He did an operation on Conor's tummy. Some children helped him to make Conor better!

A nurse came to tell us how she can help us when we are sick.

Darcy's daddy is a fireman. He told us how firemen can help us. He brought in his uniform. He told us how to stay safe at home.

The policemen came to help us learn about road safety today. We learned how to cross the road and how to be easily seen on the road.

We are learning about people who help us. Sarah and Conor's mum came to talk about her work today. She is a G.P. She can help us when we are sick.

We are learning all about the different zones of the ocean.....sunlight, twilight, midnight, the abyss and the trench. Today we found out which creatures live in each zone and how their bodies help them to adapt to their habitat.

Today we learned all about the Titanic. The big children came and shared their fantastic learning with us. We enjoyed hearing the story of Titanic's maiden voyage.

Our new topic is " Under the sea". Logan's granny sent in some shells and real sea horses. We looked at the texture and patterns on the shells. We listened to the sound of the sea. We could not touch the fragile sea horses.

We celebrated St. Patrick's day by decorating cupcakes.

Our topic this term is Food. We made pizzas in class today. They were really delicious!

Primary 2 and primary 3 have written letters to their penpals in America. They are looking forward to receiving mail back after Christmas!

Primary 2 and primary 3 have written letters to their penpals in America. They are looking forward to receiving mail back after Christmas! 1

Our new topic this term is Toys. We brought in our favourite toys and talked about them. We compared toys from the past to toys nowadays. Our teacher told us about her doll from long, long ago. Mrs Mc Cann brought in her teddy. We are finding out about materials and how our toys can move. In Structured Play we are working in the toy shop and factory.We have a toy museum in school and we have even written letters to Santa to ask for more toys!

Nadine and Enda came to tell us all about their chicken farm.

We went on a nature walk to see the farmer making bales.