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Eco Committee

The Eco warriors have been busy in the garden. We are ready to plant now!

Look at all our amazing projects made from eco-friendly materials. We had a competition for each class to make an eco-friendly project based on their World Around Us topic. They made all this from recyclable materials. Well done to everyone and congratulations to the primary 7 class who won the prize.

The Eco Committee have been working so hard, weeding the garden that they deserved a tasty treat. The potatoes and leeks they planted were made into a very tasty pot of potato and leek soup. They all had a bit and agreed that it was very tasty

The Eco-Committee with the help of a few other pupils created Halloween decorations using reusable materials. They used glass jars, toilet roll holders and paper plates to create fantastic decorations for the school!

Our New Eco-Committee of 2016-2017 :)

The Eco Committee and primary 7 class had a busy day at their Big Spring Clean! They worked very hard to clean the school grounds and Creggan GAA pitch. Well done to everyone involved :)

On Friday 19th February the Eco-Committee went on an exciting trip to IKEA.  They spent the day looking at all the different recycled products in the store and how IKEA recycle their waste.  Everyone had such a fun day and have returned to school buzzing with new eco ideas.  The lady from IKEA was so impressed that the warriors had brought old batteries to recycle them at IKEA.  Keep up the great work Eco-Warriors. 

Here are some of the photos from our fun day at IKEA.

The Eco-Warriors are so excited, because today they received another green flag.  Well done to the current and previous eco-warriors for all your hard work. 
The Eco Committee took assembly today and informed everyone in Creggan P.S all about 'Recycling'.  We learnt  about the importance of recycling and all the different materials we can recycle in our school.

The Eco-Committee organised a competition for each class to design an interesting Recycling Bin. 

Below are some pictures of each classes exciting and unique bins.  The winning class was P.5/P.6 and they are receiving a class party.  Well done P.5/P.6 on your wonderful bin.

Well done P1/P2 you designed a fantastic bin.
Here is the winning bin.  Well done P5/P6 and Mr Boyd.
P2/P3 designed a super lego bin.
P7 worked so hard and created a very unique recycling bin.

Here are the members of the Eco-Committee for 2015-2016.

Come and meet our Eco-Warriors who help to make Creggan P.S an award winning Eco-School!